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PvE player on Emi
Can you read or not? You or your clanmate shout ingame that it's impossible to kill AQ and to kill Baium on this server solo unless you use a bot and even specifically asked me to record how I do it. So this video is only for educational purposes for that one particular mega noob.
Perhaps youre the only one here, that cant even read tbh.
Video u made, shows exactly nothing because there are missing parts in there as i told you before. Dont know why u dont understand to this simple words.
And yes, offend any1 is the best way to show your primitive behavior Smile
You want me to make a video of lowering hp of destros and buffing myself at npc and then clicking cov and cat buff? Im sorry I was rude I just assumed even mega noob like yourself can figure out how to do those things
All you can do is insulting players? You just have some issue.. visit a doc he can help Smile
im done with you anyway
[Image: 1.jpg]
[Image: 1.jpg]

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