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Donation updates
We were wondering, what do you guys think about adding "nobless quest item" in donation system? Maybe one before Barakiel?
Hi, I know we are in the same clan but I would say (personally) that I agree with klocek. Keeping server up needs some money so here we have decision:
1) Go in the standard way and make a quest
2) Donate server and receive item

What's more it is not free nobles as you still need to put some effort to get whole q comeplete (Barakiel etc).
If it doesn't disturb other players, Then I don't see problem.
You can add all your suggestions for Donate here.
In my opinion this is good idea, because now is really heavy to get noblesse...

My suggestion is add 2 options:
-Caradine's Letter 65 - lower price
-Ready Noblesse Just Click and you have - higher price

And maybe you can add this Low B to donation? Server have 6 months so...
Or maybe Recipes for B/A Grade? Because sometimes is bored...
I'm new here but from what I've noticed on other servers, nobless donation does not work. The ideal would be just Caradine's 65.

The server looks pretty good. 7x server has to be difficult at all. Sometimes some less contested classes the Hero is all A-Grade. Putting recipes B or A takes some of the usual low.

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