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Katakumby i nekropolie.
Can't dive into catacombs and necropolis. I have tried many times and failed.
Please edit post and change language to English.
This is our english speaking international forum, so if you want use just polish language please make thread here: https://forum.lineage2.com.pl/index.php?board=433.0

We know about Catacomb and Necropolis diving problem, we now working on this. I think today will be done.

Fixed. Now you can test it again Smile
I went today to catacombs with gladi and i wasnt able to use skills on mobs half the time even tough i could hit even if i used skill there was no dmg "target to far" or something like that even tough i was close to mob

Edit: came back with mage and i can use skills with him need test it again with gladi later
checked it again now everything is ok
Please test it tomorrow again. We make some corrections, So maybe this Bug will be
Thanks for your report.

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