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Acient battle ground
Social of all groups is bit to big, mobs are coming from far away, agro is ok but social works from bigger range than usual (atleast i think soo)
and herb drop supoused to be that low ? i mean mp herbs are rare i often kill 100-200 mobs before something drops, and full recovery herbs havent even seen those....
also after killing a group it often spawns later not full I mean group contains 5 mobs but after you kill it often spawns only 3 or 4 mobs in that place (same on all other spots with 1/2hp mobs
This faction social aggro should be lowered everywhere, it's like 2x too big.

As for groups of mobs, I'm not expert on ancient battleground I never exped there, but on pmfun and l2j.ru it says 1-2 minions spawn, and not the same number every time.
Not sure if on retail it should be the same every time or it should be like on pmfun.

Herbs look pretty normal on VoS, dunno about other spots
Herbs are fixed now tested it again in morning,now tgey look normal
Yes, we check it and Faction Range for some mobs will be too much, now must be OK.
About Herbs, we little increase chance for Greater Herbs and for special herbs (Like Herb of Recovery)
Checked again now its ok as you said

Topic Closed.

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