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Loot, drop etc.
I wanna talk about loot in game. 
I saw topic about it but it was only 3 ppl talking, 1st topic creator who want auto loot, 2nd some other player who dont want and 3rd was admin...
Topic is now closed and decidet to not turning on auto loot. OK i have request for all of u players who read that forum..
Please write here if u want auto loot or not.

Yes- I want auto loot
No- I dont want auto loot

Maby GMs suld set drop disappere after server restart or leave all like it is now.

Sorry for my english and good day and good drops to all!

This is my opinion:

Yes- I want auto loot

If it not possible, drop suld stay on the ground untill server restart.
Reason: Auto pickup is so good for range classes aka mages.
If you want autopicker, make macro for pick up on your box acc.
Cool forum activity...

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