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Buff duration + max clients
hello everyone.
This is the first server i have seen that remind me to the old school times which was great.
I have been playing l2 long time since l2world c3 and i wanted to suggest few things that will improve the poppulation and as well enjoy the gameplay.
First is the buff duration , dance and song to go at 20min thats gonna help the ppl playing buffers to sell their buffs for money near the most famous farming places which i believe is great , i have done that before.
The second one is the max client you can use to be increased with 2 more as it will allow ppl to keep their buffers as well as the mains online and well again sell some buffs , buff their selfs and etc. That will lead to more ppl want to play which will lead to more votes as the one playing wants more ppl and voala ! 
Then i might have few more suggestions but as for now I believe this will greatly improve the server , and make me stay as well as the new starters. 
Thanks and I hope for some replys

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