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Grand Opening Event

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Grand Opening Event:

Invite your friends and on every milestone get prize!


I. How to invite:

1. Link to sing-up:

2. Sign-up and copy your unique link or share on social. 

3. Check how many friends joined by your invitation (you have counter on

4. You will get e-mail after every milestone!

Forum link:


II Rules:

  1. Player who want to join event must sign nickname/e-mail on our platform(here) and create account on forum (with the same e-mail address and nickname as on platform). 
  2. Any attempt of cheating by player who participate will be penalized by reducing the number of points earned by the number of fake accounts, or by total disqualification from the contest.


III Rewards:

10. Accepted Invitation's: Strider

15. Accepted Invitation’s: Shadow Baium Ring (Non Grade) for 5h

20. Accepted Invitation’s: Premium Buffer Access for 7 days 

30. Accepted Invitation’s: Top A Grade Weapon + SA

45. Accepted Invitation’s: Premium Account 30 days

50. Accepted Invitation’s: Noblesse status

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