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RE: Buffer - StunningMuffin - 12-24-2018

1 hour buffs till 74lvl but w/o dances and songs. After reaching 74lvl, well you need a clan, i actually find one at 24lvl and they gave me astonishing support. Just shout in dion/giran that you're lf academy or clan - you will get adena for academy. My first impression after login in, was like "there is no players at all here, but after joining a clan, i played a few ours having random conversations at party (yes, i lvled in party) and clan chat. Well that was what i was looking for, an old gamestyle not hardcore rush to lvl cap and bots all over. GREAT!

Imo server needs to get to be easier for newbies till 74, that will get us bigger high lvl community where the fun will begin. I would love to play even with ppl that will login sometimes only twice a week, but they will log for epics or sieges at those "more important actions" server will get bigger online and that's the goal for casuals.

That's why i voted yes for buffer till 74. Also imo it would do a job to keep the xp event till end of the year - a lot of ppl got tons of free time to lvl up now, and when you got lvled character you can play less having same fun - no pve needed.

RE: Buffer - hamizdnik - 12-24-2018

simply no, there is no FUN server in server discription

RE: Buffer - Todoroki - 12-27-2018

IMO server should have a basic buff from pp/se/ee 74lvl. No dance no song, no cov, no resist etc. 1h time and buff till 80lvl.

RE: Buffer - Raiden - 12-28-2018

So when u add npc? now game is very boring with box's and without ppl.

RE: Buffer - Asgota - 12-28-2018

(12-23-2018, 09:53 AM)Asgota Wrote: I will add poll here about this question Smile  (done, for 7 days.)