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Server Resurrection
I'm thinking about changing something in server features to make them more friendly to new players.
Below I leave my suggestions:

Exp - x7
SP - x7
Party Exp - x1.3
Adena - x5
Drop - x4
Spoil - x4
Drop Seal Stones - x4
Quest Reward - x1
Quest Item Drop - x2
Raid Boss Drop - x1
Raid Boss Drop Chance - x3

change to:

Exp - x10
SP - x10
Party Exp - x2
Adena - x8
Drop - x6
Spoil - x6
Drop Seal Stones - x6
Quest Reward - x2
Quest Item Drop - x3
Raid Boss Drop - x2
Raid Boss Drop Chance - x4


Quote:- 1st and 2nd Class Quest or Marks to be purchased in the Luxury for adena, 3rd Class Quest to be done normaly

change to:

- FREE 1st and 2nd Class  (3rd Class Quest to be done normaly or 10kk Adena)


Quote:- Decreased drop of SpellBooks about -30%.

change to:

- Learn Skills without spell books


Quote:- The quest for the subclass will be slightly modified, it will be possible to kill baium or get 30 fabricks .

change to:

- Free Subclass


Quote:- Number of active accounts per HWID 1 + 2

change to:

- Number of active accounts per HWID 1 + 4


Quote:Newbie Buffer:
From 6 lvl to 61 lvl, (All Buffs with maximum lvl)
Fighter: Might, Shield, Haste, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Vampiric Rage, Magic Barrier, Guidance, Regeneration.
Mage: Empower, Shield, Acumen, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Magic Barrier, Concentration, Regeneration.

change to:

Newbie Buffer:

From 1 lvl to 61 lvl Master's Blessing Buffs for 2h
Fighter: Wind Walk, Berserker Spirit, Might, Shield, Haste, Blessed Body, Vampiric Rage, Magic Barrier, Guidance, Focus, Death Whisper, Greater Might, Chant of Victory.
Mage: Wind Walk, Berserker Spirit, Empower, Shield, Acumen, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Magic Barrier, Greater Shield, Wild Magic, Clarity, Prophecy of Water  .

From 61 lvl to 76 lvl Newbie Buffs for 2h
Fighter: Might, Shield, Haste, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Vampiric Rage, Magic Barrier, Guidance, Regeneration.
Mage: Empower, Shield, Acumen, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Magic Barrier, Concentration, Regeneration.


Additionally every new Player receive:
-Free TOP D grade Tickets for Weapon, Armor, Yewelry.
-10x Mage and Fighter Buffs Potions
-7x Premium Account (1day) Coins
1. stats change

To be honest I'm not super happy about low-mid rate but I can live with this.

2. class transfer quest

I would prefer for this to stay as it is.

3. learn skills without the spellbooks

Not super happy either. On one hand, sure so many easily dropped spellbooks - why waste time. On the other hand, some are really hard to get which works for your benefit over another players when you finally got it. Additionally, why so LATE? Big Grin when I spent ages on some of those.

4. free subclass

I would vote for it to stay as it is. A lot of L2 fun is in this RB farming, fighting over it etc.

5. number of windows


6. newbie buffs

lvl limit - sure, good idea. Only change I would make is not adding COV/POW to this list. Let's have something to farm for Smile

7. new player gifts

top d tickets - cool. 10x potions - cool. Coins - available through donation imho

Additon from me:
Let's make nobless QI available through donation Smile This way we can make OLY working here Smile
Hi, so my comments are as follows:

1. Server rates: fine for me. It's not a very big change but should be nice for low lvl characters.
2. When it comes to profesions. I think it would be too easy to get 3 prof. 10kk? You can get this cash after 3-4 buffs on character 70+. It will steal some satisfaction from completing 3 prof quests and chaning occupation for the one you've been dreaming for last 75 lvls :/ For me we can do as follows:
* 1 prof - for free.
* 2 prof - luxury (price can be left like it's now).
* 3 prof - retails like - woulnd't change nothing here.
3. I can agree on learing skills w/o spell books, amulets etc. but only for 1 and 2 prof skills. Again - it will be to easy and some of players won't have even occasion and good reason to visit spots like P.Island which is bad IMO.
4. Free subclas? Please nooo! It steals all satisfaction and would make our server like PVP servers. If you put some effort and hard work for reaching someting it gives you more happiness than getting is just like that - for free.
5. I'm fine with accounts - we won't get online big enough to give ppl opportunity of playing in randomly created parties. Every player need to have it's own buffer or few like WC, SWS, BD. I can agree with this change.
6. I woldn't give 3 prof buffs from NPC. Do characters on lvl like 30, 40, 50 really need cov or pow? Let's leave it for players who were working hardly enought to get those buffs on their own.

At the end - please remember: Game cannot be to easy. In other way you lose fun and satisfaction.

Agreeing with the above posted comments, I would like the server the most with the current rates.
I don't think that we should do free class change (1st and 2cnd), and certainly not 10kk adena for 3th, it should be worth the trouble to do it.
Having to go and search for spellbooks is what I would like to do. Gathering items from mobs is the core of the game, please keep that Big Grin
Once again, I don't think you should make subclass free. (I am below lvl 70, so I am not sure how the modified quest works, but if you get multiple drops from the raidboss it is fine as it is.)
As for the number of HWID, yes please Big Grin
And please don't change the newbie buffer, its amazing for support classes to have a role in the game. (I wouldn't mind no newbie buffer at all)

On a side note, I would love an increase on crafting slots in the recipe book of the Warsmith!

Good evening! Big Grin ~ Helmjolk/Iorunnr
My overall feeling about these changes is that you're removing the element of challenge. I don't want Aden Castle to appear in my inventory because I reached level 4, and from previous responses it seems that what people who are already playing here think is that having to work a little bit for things is positive. Look at the huge response L2 Classic got; people were reminiscing on how difficult it was to do anything but they were happy about it. Take off the rose-coloured spectacles of nostalgia and what they seemed to actually want is a server much like what you've already created here.

I like them as they are. If you must change them then that's not a dealbreaker for me, but please leave quest rewards at x1.

Class changes
Even if you only have to run to the luxury store and give away a small amount of adena for class changes, there's at least a little bit of work. Getting your class change should be a bit of a deal. It's pretty easy as it is but the quests are still in place if you like them; this works as it is for me. As for the 3rd class change, 10mil adena is nothing. If anything increase it!

Spellbooks for skills
Okay they're annoying when they take up 40 inventory slots after 10 minutes hunting in EV, but the satisfaction of dropping the ones you need... yes. Spellbooks are a nice little touch and they get people partying/trading as the server gets busier.

Subclass quest
This one's easy: I don't want free subclasses.

Active accounts
This change doesn't bother me. If you are so into it that you have a PC that can pent-box, you deserve to have 5 characters online! Hell if you can run 5 chars at the same time and not end up with death penalty level 500 you're a hero in my eyes.

Newbie buffer
Mmm. The newbie buff system is okay as it is. Having a cut off for buffs gives motivation to make buffing characters, and it would be a shame to wipe out the need for certain classes. Every time I buff clarity I feel like I'm personally gifting my mage/healer/recharger clan members a puppy. As for GM buffs... I think they're best given at GM discretion when you're feeling particularly happy or we're being especially delightful.

New player rewards
Sure. I don't think this harms anybody already playing and it won't be long until the new players are post-D grade anyway. It's a nice little touch.
Firstly, I'd like to say that my clan and I came to this server because it is different (more like retail) than almost any other private server out there - it's a rarity among the available servers. Too many changes that make the server easier also make the server like 50-100 other servers out there, and therefore the server will lose it's attraction to new players, especially those looking for a challenge. I do realize that it may be a good thing to change things to attract a lager audience, and therefore, I am not averse to some changes. Here are my opinions regarding the proposed changes, and some other input, as well:

Rate Changes - I'm ok with most of these, but I do think that quest rewards shouldn't be changed. I don't feel it would be game-breaking, though.

Class Changes - I'm fine with what you have currently, but if you made first and second class free, it wouldn't bother me. I do think 10kk is too cheap for a 3rd class change...maybe 50-100kk might be more like it. It might at least entice some people to do the quest to save money, and that is what you should want, in my opinion.

Spellbooks - I'd like to see spellbooks remain the same.

Subclasses - I don't know exactly how the modified subclasses work here (killing Baium is basically impossible with the current population, and I'm not sure how many, or which raid bosses you need to kill for 30 fabrics), so I don't know what to say about the status quo versus the change, other than I do believe subclasses should not be free. A quest (maybe the current is sufficient), a large sum (200-500kk) or donation all make sense to me.

Active accounts - The number of accounts doesn't bother me, as long as it is at least what we have now. If it will attract more people to the server, this is a good change

Buffs - I'd like to see buffs kept as is. If you want to extend newbie buffs to everyone 76 and below, or even to everyone at any level, I'd be fine with that. I do think that the gm buffs do not belong, though. People should be creating their own buffers, or working with others that have them...it is part of the experience of Lineage 2. The extended time to 2 hours does not bother me.

Gifts for newbies - I like the idea of gifts for newbies, but Top D at level 20 is a bit much, in my opinion. However, it's only a personal preference, and not game-breaking, since it won't help you later on (50+).

Other ideas/suggestions:

Songs/Dances/CoV - I would like to see buff times for dances, songs and CoV increased. The population isn't large enough to support people who play as bladedancers, swordsingers and warcryers specifically. These are almost always going to be a boxed character, and having to switch to rebuff every 4 minutes is annoying. 

Slots for Dwarf Crafting Book - Currently, the crafting slots for dwarves is limited to 50 slots. If you add shots and spiritshots D-S and all the A-Grade armors, you are already almost at max. So you have to remove recipes to craft weapons or armor from any other grade, meaning you have to relearn what you have already learned at a later date. It would be nice to see this increased to 80-100 slots, at least.

A Way for Dwarves to Refill MP in Town for Crafting - Currently, it takes ages for crafters to make bulk shots, or even craft B grade or above armors/weapons, because of the MP regen rate. I've been on other servers where the newbie buffer refills MP and/or HP when you buff, or the buffer has a button to refill MP. I know this could possible be misused (especially HP refill) during a seige or in PvP, so I'm not sure what the perfect solution is to this. Maybe MP refill only would be a good solution.
So, we have players who like challenges Big Grin
But look at it from people who will come to the server, this players cant play with you, because 90% PPL have 76+lvl's, thats why they want fast overtake lvl and join to you.
At this momment, I haven't even seen anyone recruit to Academy...

About all this changes, they all interact with each other.
Because increased server rates, and changes in the buffer will allow you to knock out very quickly, after 61lvl players slow down, but is much much closer to your lvl.

About FREE class changes, when you get faster exp then you dont get more money, that why i want add this Class for free.
Players dont want waste time for make quests... So maybe: 1 prof for Free, 2 prof for 500k? But 3rd Quest Only.

About Spell Books is same situation like Class changes... So maybe change it to: 1-76 skills  w/o SB but 76+ skills needed SB?

Please remember that for 95% of Lineage 2 players, a monthly server is already an OLD server, here we have ~6months!
Somehow you have to encourage these players.

You wrote:

Quote:But look at it from people who will come to the server, this players cant play with you, because 90% PPL have 76+lvl's, thats why they want fast overtake lvl and join to you.
Me and kloc play here for a long time, actually from server start day. We aren't "no-lifes" but after that time we have already something which we are proud off. But note that all other guys whose take voice here are pretty new on the server so if they like the way server works now I can see no reason for forcing unwanted changes.

Next thing - I woulnd't say that 90% of ACTIVE players are 76+. I would say that just few are 76+ and 90% are less than 70 lvl. Note that I'm talking about active ppl.
Just curious - are you able to check how many characters and on what lvl have been playing during last lets say 2 weeks? Of course w/o offline shops. That will put some more light on things we are talking about.
I may be wrong, but from my experience people who play private L2 servers aren’t normally new to the game. They’ll catch up quickly, know how to build up adena and don’t need nor necessarily want things to be free or easy.

I understand that the changes interact with each other but they don’t seem to be wanted by the level 76+ with castles or players of the newer clan at level 60ish. We have found the players who came before us very useful (eg. buying BSS when your own clan crafter doesn’t have the recipe yet) so I don’t think it should be too worrying that the server is established. New players will see how many free castles there are and know that there’s plenty of scope for development/world domination in time if that’s their thing.

To attract more players you could actually say how satisfied both old and new players are with what you’ve already got and that there are lots of opportunities still available for new starters. Existing players are engaged (as evidenced from this post) and the server isn’t dead, it just needs growth. The changes above would make the server just like many other private ones so it would be competing in an already diluted list. The challenges of this server are doable and we chose to play here exactly because you don’t currently give too much away.

Perhaps more could be done to encourage voting and we could have events with little prizes (like a hatchling, GM buffs, accessory or an A/S grade recipe) that players of and level could do to bring us together (like a “Find the GM” riddle if you have time).

To give some addition to what Niedzu said;We are pretty new here, (4 weeks?) and have been prospecting servers for a while.
The reasons we left (or didn't start) other servers (and ended up here);
  • NPC/Newbie buffer giving too many buffs (like; CoV and PoW, Greater Might/Shield)
  • Free Classchanges (1st and 2cnd)
  • "Free" (tradeable) Top no/D grade sets / Cheap C grade
  • Being Non-English language overall (I don't mean the players being non-English, but server language being non-English)

You have the Unique position of being one of the only lower rate server without having access to all the buffs from NPC buffer and no free (tradeable) Top no/D grade sets and without autolearn spells/skills (or the spellbook necessity) which is actually in an English format (not Russian or Spanish or whatever other Language) thus catering an International community.

I think making this server "easier" is not going to be helpful for newbie players. It would completely irrelevate the 0-61 lvl adventure, which removes the sense of accomplishment when you finally get there.
And in no way a 7x server takes long to get to 61+ level.
I have been having my xp turned off for a long time (with moments where I go up in level a little more), mind you, I have 15kk SP at level 61 (while having learnt most of my skills), Imagine how long I have been playing WITHOUT gaining XP. Thus XP being a non-issue in my modest opinion. (Realistically I could have been over level 70 about 1 week ago (in 3, maybe less, weeks) with my buffer/healer also at lvl 70)

We have already created close to 5 C grade sets in those few weeks (not including the ticket sets of course), we are starting to get ready to make A grade stuff right now (within 4 weeks). Of course we are playing with a group, making it a little easier and faster since you can delegate/cooperate with each other to distribute the "work-load". This does mean tho, that our group has been getting everything ourselfs. (clan level, cost and time)(materials, "cost" and time).
This means a solo player, who hasn't got to invest into clanstuff should be able to afford (or be close to it) B grade (buying crystals) from close to 61, thus not being under-equipped too much and still able to level up decently. Also concerning shots; about always there is someone selling shots (D-B grade) at a decent price, not having to worry about those being unavailable. (Although in the earlier stages when we didn't have our C grade drops/crystals yet, we have once bought out all 200k+ SSC grade in one day Tongue)

What I am trying to say; the level difference with those already here and the newbies, isn't that big of an issues, especially now you have a small group of newer players here, whose levels are between 0 and 61, people will be able to play together and enjoy growing up into this server. Players have already begun to talk to each other and it's just a matter of time for people to invite each other to parties/raids/clans. (Everyone needs to settle and get to know each other first, which always takes a bit of time, think of it as testing the pond)

Good day ~ Helmjolk/Iorunnr

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