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[Update] Sieges, Donation, Features
Hello, today is Resurrection day so we decide to change:
-All sieges were transferred to next week.
-Difference between the characters was increased from 19 to 40. (so if you have 76lvl you can exp with 36lvl)
-All catacombs and necropolis are open to registered and not registered players (Only for this weekend)
-New Item: Scroll of Vampiric Rage, you can get if from Vote or Donation.
-Added Auto Pickup
-New .menu

-New Item: 50% EXP Hat 3h - You get a hat that increases your exp by 50%, but only when you wear it, when you do not wear it, time does not disappear. (like shadow)
-New Item: Emi Cloack - Increase your P.def and M.def by +10 (+10 no +10%), increase numbers of items that can be bought and sold at private store (+8 slots), increase inventory slots number (+48 slots), increase Recipe Book slots (+48 slots), additionally your character receive flame effect.
-Buff Scrolls added to Donation Shop
Added Auto Pickup.

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